~ Apply to be Hip Hop Genre Director Spring 2014 ~

Are you obsessed with hip-hop?


Do you love discussing new releases with friends?


Apply to be WOBC’s Spring 2014 Hip Hop Genre Director!


Some information about the position:
The hip hop genre director should create a weekly chart for their genre detailing newly added music and run a workgroup to process and file new and old music within their genre. Each genre director is responsible for contacting labels and promotion companies in their genre.  Genre directors also are expected to recruit DJs to apply to shows within their genre, work with the Promotions Department to raise awareness about their genre and assist the Program Director in evaluating applications within their genre. Knowledge of musical styles in their genre and familiarity with the community of musicians and aficionados of that genre on campus is a plus in this position.  Genre directors should solicit ideas for projects from the members of the group. Send questions to music@wobc.org. Applications due Friday, February 6th to music@wobc.org