Apply to be director of Talk & Public Affairs!


WOBC is looking for a Talk & Public Affairs director for the spring semester. This position works with organizations around the college and community to produce Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for the station. As you may know, WOBC is required to play two PSAs per hour, and the station runs 24 hours a day. This means that producing PSAs is essential to keeping the station running properly.

Unlike many radio stations that play pre-written or pre-recorded announcements, WOBC started writing and recording our own PSAs a few years ago in order to provide announcements that are more relevant and engaging to our listenership. We try to maintain a balance of PSAs that refer to upcoming events in and around the Oberlin Community, introduce the listenership to the services and goals of different organizations, and deliver general messages that serve the public interest.

Talk & Public Affairs directors are responsible for: contacting organizations and helping them write PSAs; recording and editing PSAs using Pro-Tools or other audio editing software; running workgroup once a week; and attending regular WOBC staff meetings. If you are interested in this position but do not have experience with Pro-Tools, please still apply – we can teach you!

This is not a paid position. However, it is fun, builds important skills (especially if you plan to continue with radio), and looks great on a resume! If you have any questions, email apost@oberlin.eduTo apply, send a short statement of interest to