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what/when is your show?
六年代(rokujunendai) on Mondays @6 PM.
The show name means “the sixties” in Japanese. I play a lot of garage and psych music from East Asia, as well as from Southeast and South Asia. I have a heart for ballads though, so it can be very sentimental at times. Sometimes i speak really bad Japanese on the show. I often get scared that my dad is listening.
what is the best live show you’ve ever seen?
When I was 15 I went to an Of Montreal concert in New York City. They really know how to entertain – there was a white horse on stage, and Kevin Barnes sat on it while wearing tiny metallic gold underwear.
what inspires your radio program?
Shout out to my roots. I was living in Japan last semester and got involved in the Tokyo electronic scene. I came back to the states and thought, “What was the stuff my dad listened to while growing up?” I like listening to old Japanese pop songs, a lot of it can be really bad though, so I started checking out other music coming from Asia during that time period. Indonesia killed it with garage music. Korea has some wonderful more balladic music that features really strong women vocals.
if your radio show was a flavor of ice cream, what would the flavor be?
I think it would be dark chocolate, but that’s just because I like it.
what’s the best mix cd u ever got?
From this person who was crushing hard on me. The person almost exclusively listened to punk, and chose the best, most sentimental songs. Kitchen’s floor and Little Joy were both on the mix! I was in love…except I really wasn’t.
what’s your fav radio show?
Really hard, but I enjoy Bruxxels Radio. One time they were having a give away to the 4th caller. I called in, and I am pretty sure I was not the 4th caller, but the show was going to end soon. They sent me a mix cd and some creepy blue smurf candies. Smurfs are the worst.

sample playlist:

papa wa mama ni ikareteru the peanuts

crying in a storm, emy jackson


tak mau, the singers

그녀의 입술은 달콤해, the key boys

tumpas, adnan othman<

no no boy, the spiders

teluk bayar, ernie djohan

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