Apply to be Winter Term Station Manager

Dear Station,

Looking for a Winter Term project? We urge you to apply for the Winter Term Station Manager or Winter Term Engineer positions at WOBC. You will be responsible for programming and operation of the radio station. It is a great opportunity to get more involved with the station, and you will earn a Winter Term Credit.

Please send to me a short statement of interest that includes your previous experience with the station and a few words about why we should choose you.


The WOBC Executive Board


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  • Isaac Chabon

    Although my previous experience with the station is limited, (I only picked up a slot about a month ago) I am very passionate about music and radio broadcasting. I am proficient with the broadcasting equipment and the various protocols, and want to learn more about what it takes for a radio station to run. Even if I am not chosen, I would be down to help out over winter term, because I will be staying at Oberlin anyway.

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