WOBC on Hiatus for Repairs

modern console

Because of repairs to station equipment, WOBC will be off the air for the remainder of this week – with luck, we’ll be back some time next week. Being an independent community radio station means that when something breaks… we’re the ones who repair it! A crucial part of our mixing board (see above) unfortunately broke, and we’re going to have to take some time off to fix it. With the help of our wonderful engineers, we’ll be surveying the damage, ordering new parts, fixing what needs fixing, and before you know it, Oberlin freeform radio will live again!

One thought on “WOBC on Hiatus for Repairs”

  1. I’m trying to ID this exact console, and I’m not having much luck. PLEASE advise me the make and model number. I have this photo on my equipment site, but do not know it;s information. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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