Summer Programming Has Commenced!


It’s an exciting day here at WOBC – A whole new slate of programming for the summer has arrived to your college & community radio station! Although renovations in our building mean we won’t be broadcasting on your FM dial for now, our webstream will always be up and running.  Listen online from 8 AM – 4 PM, Monday through Friday, and check out the schedule to discover all the great shows we have this summer. Long live freeform radio!

One thought on “Summer Programming Has Commenced!”

  1. I worked at WOBC from ’65 – ’69 in various capacities. The control boards were home-built affairs and I fondly remember donning spikes and climbing belt to string wire bringing an AM signal to the dorms. In the 60’s, most programming was classical. My roommate, Dave Hepp, and I pioneered rock and roll on WOBC with a midnight show called Night Patrol. I also engineered a news program featuring Robert Krulwich, who went on to much bigger things. I ended up working in Public Broadcasting for 10 years in Alaska and have also worked in commercial radio for brief periods. WOBC was a huge part of my Oberlin life. Glad to hear it (via streaming internet) again after all these years.

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