WOBC Love Notes: Part One


DJs write in and share their feelings…


Doing my due diligence as a Freshman DJ, I was in the station sometime between 4 and 5 am on a Wednesday morning, probably jamming some Fiona Apple or something.  In my half-awake stupor, I wandered out of the station, down the sparsely lit hall towards the worst bathroom in Oberlin.  It wasn’t til I was back at the station door that I realized I had left ID card somewhere in the there.

I think a normal person may have just exited Wilder and gone home at this point but I got really nervous, didn’t want to cause dead-air and also needed all my stuff.  So I wandered around the dark halls of Wilder aimlessly trying to come up with a “plan” or find a custodian.  Eventually, I decided to jump the counter of the front desk and squeeze through the wood paneled curtain to look for a key or call someone? I found a girl’s ID back there that astonishingly granted me access into the station.

Later that week, I got a “talking to” from some of the board members in Decafe for breaking Wilder rules (I’ll never know how they knew about my break-in) but I think I did the right thing : ) the show must go on….

Another love letter….

I think some the best times of my life have gone down at WOBC parties.

– Emily Weber


A WOBC love note:

My show is named Hobo Deli in honor of a song written by Rip Smops, former WOBC DJ. The song is about a deli in upstate NY where hobos hang out. Rip told me he was really enticed by the deli but got “kicked out of town” before he had a chance to chill there, so he wrote a song about what he thought was inside the deli. He showed me some of the lyrics:

“Hobo deli, hobo deli/Onion bagel, butter and jelly/ Praise Jah”

I really liked them so I asked Rip if I could name my next radio show in his honor. When i first met Rippy i thought he was a weird older dude with long gray hair who really liked to play random tapes and flail in the dj booth. We had back-to-back shows for two semesters which ruled. Once I played Pink Floyd and he told me that “sucked” and that my music taste was “boring and predictable”. we would hang out in the station during my show and we talked about stupid people, vibes, aliens existing (i said no he said yes), feeling weird and enchiladas. When we no longer had back to back shows, he called into my show most weeks to tell me what he thought- he usually thought it was “ok”.  Rip was always hiding from Petra the (former) Operations Manager because he refused to log his shows and she was mad at him. He said he was “technology free” but he has an extensive website devoted to himself (www.ripsmops.net) so I question  the truth of this statement. When we no longer ran into each other every week in the station, we missed hanging out so we went to Lupitas to eat enchiladas or he called me and said “make dinner”  so I made us fish tacos. That was last summer before he moved from Oberlin to El Paso, TX. I miss Rip, I lost his phone number and finally ran into his friend Scott who gave it to me. We talked for awhile on the phone last week but it wasn’t the same as enchiladas at Lupitas or hanging out in the radio station. This one’s for Rip.

– Amanda Mummery


(We love ) the Wednesday show from 3-4 (I think it’s called What’s Jazz?) we love listening to it during our shift at decaf!

– Kaleena Fraga


Last summer on my show (Chameleon Radio, Mondays 10am-noon) I had a little brown bat visit the  studio!   It was on the floor and I thought it was a stuffed toy. I went to pick it up and it moved and I just about jumped out of my shoes!  I told the janitor about it and someone came and took the bat outof the building.

– Chuck Ryals


Hey, this is ██████, ████ ██ ███████ ██ ███████. You want a love note? Well..

Here’s one for Fiz.

I sat next to her at the general meeting, and had a lovely chance encounter with her at a house party and delved into discussing Trust. I was under the assumption we were talking about Trust (a little loved French Metal band with a unique blend of AC/DC and NWOBHM) but not Trust (A Canadian Synthpop band that can arguably be called Darkwave.) Now, I haven’t the metal to face time with her, but still.. I’m sure there’s a few choice Dave Mustaine lyrics (perhaps some from Mechanix) and maybe Accept (Metal Heart and Breaker?) that go rushing through my head like an electric shock. I’m wondering if there can be anymore cheesy one liners thrown in combined with music references.. Hmm, I guess for Fiz, I’m Hellbent for Denim.


Anonymous (But not the sh**ty Anonymous from Horde who put out that ‘Christian’ Black Metal Album Hellig Usvart)

– Anonymous

The most recent, amazing event in my WOBC career:

Tuesday night, 9PM, the Junkyard Brown Radio show, spinning all your favorite New Wave, Shoegaze, PUNK, post-punk, grundge and goth jams from the 70’s-present.

So I play my second song of the night, a cute little riot girl punk number, and no less than a minute into it I get a call from a girl asking,

“Hey, can you play a different song? This song is just really crunchy and I have a headache.”

In my mind, I thought…hmm, you’re not going to like the rest of the show, and who is forcing you to listen to the radio.


– Bee Brown

One morning during the spring of my second year at Oberlin when my show, “Day/Night Dreams,” was in its first iteration a stranger called me up. He said he was from Chicago and that he worked in a restaurant that was just opening up for the day and that their Pandora wasn’t working, so he’d somehow stumbled upon my show on WOBC to listen to while he cleaned off tables or something. He said I was >>killing it<<, that I was the best he ever h(e)a(r)d. He asked me to play a song by The Clean, so I did, and later on in the hour HE CALLED ME BACK and asked to hear something by The Vaselines, so I frantically searched for something by them related to my theme and played “The Devil’s Inside Me.” I couldn’t believe he’d called me twice, and every week after that I waited for another call from him requesting more songs, asking me to elope and waitress with him etc. etc. He never called me back, and I still wonder if it was just a friend who knew too well that I’d be entranced by the story of some mysterious boy fatefully coming across my radio show while he worked in some restaurant some morning some where. Either way it was a very memorable Day/(Night) Dream during a groggy WOBC morning. And if he ever calls back…

– Emma Smith

An anonymous caller who goes by the name Mr Jiminy frequently called into my shows, requesting things like Macy Gray and the theme song from Boobah in a spooky voice, but it turns out that it’s just my friend Devon.

Brian Becker

One of my happiest memories of the year was receiving a call from my friend in London, England. I had told him that I had a radioshow from 4-5am, and he and his family were just getting up to begin their day when he decided to give the WOBC a call. It touched me that he remembered a little detail from a past a conversation and took, all the way from across the pond, the initiative to talk to me on an otherwise very lonely morning.

– Nolan Scharper

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-Amanda Mummery