Show of the Week: CRUSHED

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Listen to CRUSHED, Thursdays 4-5pm on WOBC.

What is your show?
CRUSHED is our show.

How would you describe the show?
Crushed is an hour long weekly exploration of romantic entanglements. We like to talk about unrequited love, heartbreak, and occasionally the warm and fuzzy parts of romance – although we usually make fun of that, because happiness and contentment do not make for very interesting radio. We feature interviews with students and community members, and read each week from the anonymous “missed connections” submissions that we receive online. (You should do this too! And interspersed throughout is some really catchy music about love and loss and lust and like-like-ing (if you don’t know what that means, listen to the show or watch Hey Arnold.)

How would you describe yourselves?
“so cute it hurts,” – The Grape.

We’d like to add that we’re great and we smell good and we are very easily enthused… and that we are prone to at least two relatively major technical difficulties per show.

What inspires you to do your show?
Tru luv and deep-seated, personal bitterness. – Kitt
The never ending need to find other people to commiserate with on campus. I feel so much better about my own love life when I realize that most people’s are just as awkward, upsetting, and downright weird. – Sophie

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
The sweet, dulcet murmurs of eager academics in Azariah’s….and the Thermals, who are teeth grindingly, teen angst-ily good.

What is your favorite show on WOBC?
We’re often throwing things together last minute, which means we hang out in the studio the hour before our show. As a result we get to listen to the amazing Young, Gifted and Black. It’s thought provoking, hilarious, and we’re consistently jealous of their incredibly well-curated playlists and expertly-blended transitions.

Favorite foods?
Black River Brunch, every Saturday and Sunday and sometimes Tuesdays when we skip class. Kitt gets two eggs over easy with homefries and rye toast. Sophie gets an everything bagel with cream cheese, bacon and one scrambled egg. It is literally the same almost every time.

Favorite holidays?
4th of July. With Sophie’s entire extended family (yes, Kitt goes too.) It’s an experience.
*not valentine’s day, obviously, because it is actually the worst. same for new years. kissing makes us want to throw up.*

Final thoughts?
Listen to our show, because we seek SO much external validation and we’re known for giving embarrassing, overly-emotional shoutouts to specific listeners. Also, send us your stories – we’re always on the hunt for a good crush.