Bill Callahan live at Oberlin + ticket giveaways

This Saturday, May 4th, American folk master-songwriter Bill Callahan (formerly of (SMOG)) will be gracing The ‘Sco’s stage. The appearance will be his first in years and Callahan will be debuting songs to be released on an upcoming album on Drag City Records. Tickets are still available at the Wilder desk ($7 with OCID, $20 without) and at but they are going fast so be sure to pick one up soon if you want to attend the concert. Doors are at 10PM and tap dancer Flat Foot is opening. WOBC is giving away 5 pairs of tickets this week at the following times (included are short anecdotes each participating DJ contributed):

Creep-o-Rama, 8PM Tuesday

after obsessively listening to bill callahans music for a few years, i went to a concert my senior year of high school and, by lurking around the venue after the show was over, got to meet him and talk to him for a bit. Probably the best moment of my 17 years of life.

You Are Invited, 2AM Friday

when I graduated from high school a teacher that I was really tight with gave me a CD with “Riding for the Feeling” on it. It’s a sad song about leaving people & it makes me think about leaving high school and this teacher that was a really important dude for me. I love that song

hobo deli, 2PM Friday

i heard “to be of use” once playing from the window of someone’s room on north pleasant street and it made me cry and i could never figure out what song it was but i thought it was one of the most beautiful songs i had ever heard and it drove me crazy for a couple months so on the radio i described it and someone finally called in and told me what it was and it was a rando person listening we ended up hanging out and i was very sad at the time but we went to blue sky and got chocolate malted shakes it was very strange that was last year kinda the end of winter but i ended up listening to smog all the time through the summer until everyone i lived with wanted to kill me except john michael cause he was so into it. i decided i wanted to make amends with people id hurt and lost touch with like friends, enemies etc. so i sent them all smog songs. mostly i break horses or blood red bird or one find morning or baby’s breath, i was also obsessed with the apocalypse a little (pre december 2012) and realized that bill callahan’s latest album was called apocalypse and didnt really stop listening to it for about half a year. i also have a big crush on him, but thats fairly uninteresting.

Victory Lap, 3PM Friday

Bill Callahan’s music is inseparable from my experience of freshman year at Oberlin. Between the Wilder Desk, WOBC, the speakers in decafe, and my own room, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle still stands as a major component of the soundtrack to my first year in Oberlin. Though perhaps his music doesn’t play as often as it did then in Oberlin, one thing that has remained consistent over four years is the rumor that “Bill Callahan is coming.” I’m glad it’s finally happening.

Kold Kutz, 9PM Friday

Bill Callahan has been one of my favorite artists since I first heard “Knock Knock” when I was 13. I bought every Smog album, became a little obsessed with him, and I remember writing an article about him for the school paper as a high school freshman. I still listen to all of those albums consistently, as well as his more recent stuff as Bill Callahan. Having missed a couple opportunities to see him in the past, i’m really excited about this show.