Featured Show: 100% pure with DJs Roca and Raisin Bra(i)n

DJs Roca and Raisin Bra(i)n
DJs Roca and Raisin Bra(i)n

DJs Roca and Raisin Bra(i)n tell me a bit about their show (and their lives). 100% pure airs on WOBC every Monday morning from 12 – 1 am.

What is stuck in your head?
Roca: I can’t stop “Fuck mixing let’s dance” zomby or Tsunami Breastfood
Raisin: A raisin-brain is a sticky thinking place.

Best call-in you’ve ever gotten?

Roca: “Hey man” Rob.
Raisin: …I think when I called in was the best.

Let’s go on a musical journey with words – describe a typical listener’s experience. Don’t look at the next question.

Roca: What?
Raisin: …a typical listener’s experience big dog…

The last question was a trick because every listener experiences The Big Dirty in their own reality. What experience do you hope to provide for listeners?

Roca: What?
Raisin: …I would agree with this rebuttal, however, I would just like to call you out at this point. Our show is not called “The Big Dirty” it is called “100%-Pure.”

What’s the word(s) on the tip of your collective tongue?
Roca: Listen, all I have to say is f*** your money.
Raisin: …please allow me to distance myself from that comment, and take us to intersection of80/90’s corporate aesthetic & fictional mystical experiences; My tongue tips on the edge of Jadzia.

Favorite other peoples’ shows on WOBC?
Roca : Steve man, our my main man.
Raisin: … now “12 INCH / Single”, his traditional slot on Friday at 6pm has always been our go-to.

I heard you two live together – seems like you do a lot together – do you fight?
Roca: LOL I don’t know
Raisin: […] we love

Independent radio is important because:
Roca: Big ideas and little details.
Raisin: we would never it make anywhere else.

A Sample Playlist:
Into My Soul – Aki Bergen ft. Carmen Sherry
Kerri Chandler – Time is Destiny
Nina Simone (Kerri Chandler Mix) – See Line Woman
Todd Edwards – Can’t You Believe
Rhythm and Sound with Shalom – We Been Troddin
Hype Williams – Meets Shangaan Electro
Moody Mann – I’m Doin Fine
Theo Parrish – Serengeti Echoes
Kassem Moss – B1 Untitled

-Amanda Mummery


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