A Peek into 1980s WOBC

Below are some images of the same WOBC station in Wilder that we broadcast out of today before Radioactivity, pre-recorded PSAs, and undercuts dominated the scene. The DJs below were spinnin’ on Oberlin College & Community Radio circa 1984.



DJ's_female students_nd_mark



All images courtesy of Oberlin College Archives.


Your Station Historian

2 thoughts on “A Peek into 1980s WOBC”

  1. OK, I’m stumped, station historian. I was PD 1983-85 and I am not sure I recognize anyone (and I would know everyone). I’m pretty sure the bottom photo is the DJ booth downstairs in the disco (called Dionysus back then, for reasons unknown). It’s possible though that the rest of the pics are from the summer of ’84, one of the first summers we stayed on-air. Anyway, keep up the good work, good luck with the board elections, and PLAY MORE JAZZ!

  2. The bottom photo IS the disco, and it’s Dave Cohen DJing. It might have been a dance contest (and there’s a chance it’s me in the front, back-of-head to camera).

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