Dispatches from a Party Clean Up

on the job
On the job

Good DJ/Samaritan Helps Clean Up WOBC Party, Finds Little to Clean

You know, I sure do appreciate it when people go out of their way in order for others to have fun. Like the good residents of 123 South Professor St., and all those at WOBC behind this semester’s iteration of the station-led bash. On a typical Oberlin Saturday night, the party provided some key attractions that made it a so-called “success.” But I really gauged the success of it thanks to a quote from a good friend: “Man, that party was the best! My boyfriend and I hooked up with so many people!”

So to come back the next morning and help clean up a bit? Sure, why not. I mean, it’s the least I could do.

But arriving at SoPro that Sunday morning pre-hangover, I was surprised to see the place looking quite commendable. The inside of the house was pretty much done, so I took to the porch, where I separated glass bottles from cans. The clinking and crashing of bottles and cans in the numerous plastic bags proved therapeutic to my ears, as did the strange odors emitting from the mass of finished and unfinished beers. I then proceeded to “hose down” the porch, which mainly turned out to be me flooding one area of the porch and kind of giving up on the rest. I kicked the puddle around and spread the water around, thus deeming the porch ‘clean’. Then I picked up some soggy cigarette butts. Probably should’ve cleared those before the hose, right? As I walked through the backyard to put the hose away, I noticed mud and grime caking the bottom of my pants and white Converse. It made me feel dirty, and I like feeling dirty. It made me feel real, like I was actually doing something, like feeling the consequences of hard work and stuff. Some pretty powerful feelings at 123 So Pro that faithful Sunday morning.

Moral of the story? Don’t underestimate the power of the post-party, morning after clean up. Or alternatively, a question for all of us to think about – does Oberlin need to go harder and messier at parties?

Ivan Krasnov

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