Radio Show Profile: Pre-Post-Regional

Will Gautier, host of Pre-Post-Regional on WOBC, doesn’t like Drake. Although that alone may be enough to dismiss his musical tastes, Will does indeed know good music. I hear it often coming out of his quad in South, and if that is any indication, Pre-Post-Regional is probably an enjoyable hour of freeform.

Will Gautier, right, Age 5, 1997

I caught up with Will to talk about his show:

What is your show?
My show is called Pre-Post-Regional. It’s on Wednesday at 3 AM. Basically, each week I choose a different city and play some of its music. It’s mostly pre-2K, underground music, because the regional scene had definitely declined by that time with the advent of the internet. Typically, I’ll include some commentary and talk about the city and its musicians–I go for a little bit of coherence at least. I guess the point is to recreate a city’s music scene, as a musically-aware citizen would have experienced it.

How did you decide to focus on this particular genre/type of show?

Well WOBC has always impressed me with its commitment to freeform radio, so I wanted to do a show that would reflect that. I also like to know where a band comes from and how they fit in so I wanted to integrate that somehow. There’s no grand plan behind it, I just thought I would be fun to focus on the regional music scene. I guess it allowed me to take my own interest a little bit further, too.

How did the name come about?

I finished the WOBC application about five minutes before the deadline, so I just slapped a name on it. I like to think it makes pretty good sense, though.

How has the experience been?
It’s been a lot of fun. The show’s late, but I get some people out west, and I know I have some European listeners. I’ve had some interesting callers, including this drunk graduate from Madison, which was refreshing. I’ve also learned a lot about the music scenes in the cities I’ve profiled.

What can we expect to hear this week?
Louisville is next for me. I usually start with some pretty well-known musicians, so I’ll play some Slint and Will Oldham, although which of his many projects I’ll choose, I don’t know. You’ll definitely hear Soul, Inc.’s “Ultra Blue,” Four Fifty Six’s “The Mystery of Our Underpants”, Circle X’s “Tender”, and Poor Girls’ “(I Just Wanna Go) Pelvic”, but beyond that I haven’t really decided. In the meantime, everyone should hear the songs I just mentioned, so either tune in or look them up on YouTube, whatever is best.

Any other thoughts?