Final(s) Thoughts

Finals are coming: What are you listening to?

I had a lot of work due right before Thanksgiving break; it wasn’t terrible, but it reminded me that finals are approaching. I know I’m going to be barricaded in the library soon, so it’s really important to have some music to listen to. Some people can work to music, others can’t, and I find myself in between. I can’t really read as I bump Drake, but I can write as I bump to Drake, albeit a little bit slower. I find it a reasonable trade-off, mainly because music helps relieve some stress and it’s great for keeping time, in the “I’ll take a break when this song is over” sense.
In picking music, it’s important to listen to something familiar. I’m all for finding new stuff, but it’s probably not ideal to catch up on some “Best New Music” when you’re swamped with work. Listening to new music requires divided attention, and it’s hard enough to focus on your work without any distractions; stick with what you know.

I already have some music lined up for my busy weeks. Here is some stuff that I think is work getting familiar with:

“Guillotine”, Death Grips – The musical equivalent of “I-smoked-two-packs-of-cigarettes-and-drank-too-much-coffee.” However, pretty good for subtly “going hard” in the library.

“Marvin’s Room”, Drake – Marvin’s room is just R&B, crooning Drake, which is great easy listening. He gets pretty emotional too.

“Vomit”, Girls – Girls broke up, which is terribly sad. So is this song, but it is definitely pop oriented and kind of perky in some parts. Make sure to check out the guitar solo around the 2 minute mark of the song.

“Last Kiss”, Jay Frank Wilson – This song was released in 1964, so it’s fairly dated. It’s really catchy and it’s generally an exciting, old, simple song. The bass is pretty cool too.