Radio Diversity Day: December 5


Think radio programming should be more diverse?
Want to hear more local DJs across the country on the airwaves?
Want to see more local acts on the air?

Well so we do.
And so does the podcast group Soundtrack of the Week, who have initiated what they are calling
Radio Diversity Day.

The idea was inspired by the movie Corporate FM as a way for radio listeners to demand more diversity in radio broadcasting, both freeform and commercial. Essentially, SOTW proposes that on December 5th, 2012 radio listeners call into their local radio station to demand improvements to public radio, including broader programming, increased local participation in the form of “live, local DJs and local programing to serve the public interest”. Listeners should also call their local congressmen and elected officials to demand legislative action to defend and improve public radio. The radio is public property! Don’t let it slip away!

For more information on this event and how to get involved, check out this page. And be sure to get involved and call your local radio stations and legislators this December 5th!