Pop Picks 11/19

Here are songs that WE INDIVIDUALLY OF POP GROUP have been listening to. They are all new and we like and recommend them to you dagnabbit!


James Ferraro – SO N2U

Check out SUSHI — gooey caprisun mixed with gatorade powder — snort it.


Dinosaur Jr. – Watch the Corners

Old dogs new tricks.


Railbird – Mirrors

High energy it’ll get you out the door feelin right.


TRUST – Dressed For Space

Perfect for those who just wanna dance to the sound of the imminent apocalypse.


The Lumineers – Ho Hey

One of those upbeat folk-y bands: simple, but still great.


Liars – No. 1 Against the Rush

A standout for me off of Liars’ latest album WIXIW. Tight, clean electronic production with a motorik beat.


Dan Melchior – The Night Comes In

Refreshingly able songwriting for a new old Future.