Headboggle: Performing Tonight at Fairchild Chapel

“Headboggle is the manifestation of Derek Gedalecia’s acoustic/electronic research utilizing the “kitchen sink” in every sense of the idiom: Moogs, Harmonica, Banjo, Harpsichord, Irish Harp, EMS Synthi, Violin, Drums, Clavinet, Serge Modular, field recordings and more! What makes “Headboggle” so special is the careful arrangement of sound, with painstaking attention to composition and sound direction. Disorienting magic is a key trait of the Head Boggle sound, one which captivates and commands repeated inspection.” – Editions Mego

Don’t miss out on this one. Headboggle plays at Fairchild Chapel tonight, November 6, at 8 PM with Collapsed Arc and local sillyboys Schweinmacht. Gonna get weird. See clip below of Headboggle live…

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