Who is R. Stevie Moore?

Remember when this guy came to the Sco? You know, everybody’s favorite DIY pioneer, R. Stevie Moore! You don’t know who he is? That’s probably because he’s “criminally underexposed.” Here’s a brief timeline of some of the (really cool) things he’s done throughout his life and also some of the sad things that have happened along the way.

1952: born in Nashville, TN

1968: started smoking, lost virginity to a 39 yr-old married woman, 1st job at Lazy Suzan Restaurant

1971: dropped out of Vanderbilt University

1975: recorded Beatles’ instrumentals

1976:  first album Phonography released by Uncle Harry, toured midwest with Billy Anderson’s band

1978: released Delicate Tension, with new songs and sound experiments that he wrote after moving to Montclair, New Jersey

1981: began fulltime DJing at WFMU (Jersey City)

1982: launched the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club

1988: got first VCRs, began making home videos, cocaine era

1999: got online, designed website

2006: aged atheism, personal savings running out fast, Tonic DVD (with Ariel Pink), multiple tooth extractions & partial dentures

2012: R. Stevie Moore played at Oberlin’s Dionysus Discotheque (sometimes people call it the ‘Sco) Thursday May 9 at 10PM.

(source: rsteviemoore.com)

–Victoria Velasco