Show of the Week: Le Whatever

            Every Wednesday morning at 11 here on WOBC , Le Whatever flails every which way, and somehow, someway, whatever it is you want to feel, seems to curl its way under those folds and seams of your summer T-shirt.  Somber and strolling as it is, this cartographic venture pays homage to a milieu of genres and times.  Its sophistication lies in its seeming arbitrariness.  Becca Nieto’s show is certainly eclectic-tronic, twenty minutes in you think it must be top heavy, but it perseveres.  So strong.  ESG’s Hold me Right: no strings attached here, holds on so tight.  Synthy Blondie-inspired bopping, electrifies your nervous system.  This hump-day roster is catalytic energy, light at the end of the work/school-week tunnel.  Exuma’s Dambala has that circle-chanting energy, ‘Melts Down Our Walls’.  Lyric after lyric, total sway-your-head vibes here.  The stuffing of this curatorial form exudes ‘the world is your oyster’.  Esoteric Tapioca makes us remember just how deep those big (hardly-cliché) piano chords hit us in the stomach.  And then Yo La Tengo hits.  Coffee spills at this heart-clench.  But don’t worry WOBC, Whatever has its bases covered.  Fleetwood Mac’s appearance takes us back to our station, ironically poses that we have come right back to one of our all-timers.  Heart’s ‘Crazy on You’, with its frisky guitar riffs, takes us back to early peaks into the coming-of-age, the after-school car rides, your favorite soundtrack, whatever.  Sleater-Kinney sweeps up this kitchen, it’s the grunge sweater that you put on top of that messy pile.  And Le Whatever is perhaps best described as a pile, a materialization of past and present icons that choreographs via improvisation, that circumlocates around a generational schema  that cannot be isolated through words, but perhaps through these songs.

Nina Simone- Angel of the Morning
The The- This is the Day
Blue Hawaii- Blue Gowns
Tennis- Origins
ESG- Hold me Right
Exuma- Dambala
Hazel- Day Glo
Excuse 17- 5 Acres
Esoteric Tapioca- Stay
Yo La Tengo- You Can Have It All
Fleetwood Mac- Can’t Go Back
The Fruit Bats- So Long
Heart- Crazy on You
Aimee Man- Save Me
Sleater-Kinney- Modern Girl