Post-Finals Summertime Playlist

Here’s a playlist to be listened to only when you’re done with finals. It’ll guide you through your whirlwind of post-finals emotions: relief (the feeling you experience immediately after you’ve taken your last final), elation (you realize you’re done with school!!), grief (you’re gonna to miss Oberlin…and listening to WOBC 24/7), euphoria (you get to lie out in the sun all day without worrying about tests and papers)…and then reality hits you when you realize that you summer will consist of working a probably boring job.
1. “At Last” – Etta James
2. “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” – D’Angelo
3. “Ain’t This The Life” – Oingo Boingo
4. “Here With Summer” – The Microphones
5. “My Block” – the So So Glos
6. “Welcome to the Working Week” – Elvis Costello

-Eve Peyser-Sappol