New Music: Spiritualized- Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Spiritualized’s new album Sweet Heart Sweet Light is the newest addition to the band’s  outer-spacey psychadelic oeuvre.  Together for 22 years, Jason Pierce & Co’s rocket ship is still a flight.  Out of Rugby, England, the band’s newest album comes off of Fat Possum Records.  It’s a nice return, their last album came out in 2008.  Their clanky epic high-school marching sweetheart jam-inspired work gives twirls and twirls of dream speech.  Hazy lo-fied bellows fill this crisp spring burst, and Pierce’s return brings an ecstasy-ringing melancholy that we could all use right about now.  ‘Get What You Deserve’ is a laid back jam with phases of guitar murkiness and tambourines.  Then comes some stringy mom homage in ‘Too Late’.  Fire up the grill for 8 minutes of shoegazey-inaudible-groan heaven in ‘Headin’ For the Top Now’.  ‘Mary’ has minimal instruments, so as to be more of a cry out, a ‘take me back, take me back’ kind of outburst.  This album certainly has spaceship earth aspirations: everything you could want is here and ready to be fed into you via tubes and wires.  Certainly a warm and cozy ride chalk full of beautiful views of the sun, nebulae, etc.


1.  Huh? (Intro)

2.  Hey Jane

3.  Little Girl

04 Get What You Deserve

5.  Too Late

6.  Headin’ for the Top Now

7.  Freedom

8.  I Am What I Am

9.  Mary

10.  Life is a Problem

11.  So Long You Pretty Thing