Album Review: Talkdemonic – Ruins

The instrumental duo Talkdemonic’s album, Ruins, has made it here to WOBC!  The duo of Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro’s avante-folk-electronica (the weirder the better, right?) makes quite the cannon ball splash.  Out of Portland and on Glacial Pace Records, the group’s guitary and drummy bits are mixed up with hard extra-squeaky violin effects.  Lots of long nice screech thrashes and vague song titles.  Try track 5 ‘city sleep’ for instance.  It starts out along these lines only to throw in some finger snaps.  Chalk-full of guessing games: are we hearing bowling pins in track 6, ‘violet’?  Then it turns into a percussion pick-up.  They’re great at doing weird things with ‘instruments’.  Take a look at their photo, such enigmas!  ‘Summer Glass’ is a real treat, some real nice bippity-bopping chilled out fleeting video games vibes.  Its like you’re dreaming you’re Mario, only in a haze just falling into that sweet gold earning free life after free life.  What a summer that’d be!  Track 9, ‘Cascading’ gets kind of icy, with a melodic beat and some light symbols hitting for us.  You know the vibe.  Ruins slips in and out of recognizable sounds, a great venture to get lost in.

Track List:

1. Slumber Verses
2. Ruins
3. Revival
4. Midcentury Motion
5.  City Sleep
6.  Violet
07 Summer Glass

08 Cascading

9.  Time Draws On
10.  Midnight Pass
11.  Chimera
12.  Palace Walk