Addison Groove

Addison Groove Post-Game Recap

Addison Groove

On Tuesday May 1st, the ‘Sco housed another option for electronic music for those who thought Fracture was really not enough. Addison Groove, a.k.a. Headhunter, but who introduces himself as Tony, played a very eclectic but very accessible set of house, drum and bass, minimalist, dubstep, juke, mixing genres and samples from many realms of danceable music. Considering how varied the styles he played were, it might seem that the concert was disjointed or going in too many directions, which couldn’t be further from the truth. What makes Addison Groove so special is actually somewhat evident in his moniker; groove. He never loses the groove. Though the styles varied, the beat prevailed and the crowd both of first-time listeners and more-than-one time listeners responded.

His new album as Addison Groove for 50 Weapons, Transistor Rhythm, dominated the first part of the set, but towards the end, he displayed his eclectic tastes and skills as a DJ. He also mixed on real vinyl which always looks shiny. For anybody who wants something new, check out Addison Groove and Headhunter.

Here’s a track off Transistor Rhythm, Superlooper.

-Kevin Messinger