The Mosaic’s Cover of the Week

The Mosaic is a covers show that airs Monday mornings at 1AM (Sunday late night). Tune in next time!


Last week we compared Elton John versus Ellie Goulding with their renditions of “Your Song.” It’ll come as no surprise that Elton John was voted to be the better half of the pairing. Goulding’s version of John’s song adds in this cool electronic element and makes it her own. While Goulding successfully held her own against the pop icon, John’s version had more heart. Which is understandable considering he wrote it.

This Week: This Woman’s Work

This week’s song was originally written and recorded by Kate Bush, a musician from Kent who’s big break came in 1978 when the song “Wuthering Heights” topped the UK Singles Chart for four weeks. Some of the songs on her first album The Kick Inside were written when she was thirteen which is, you know, pretty early. She had a very successful career before deciding to take a year off in 1993. That year turned into twelve with her career restarting in 2005 with the release of Aerial. Her 2011 album Director’s Cut contained a couple of re-recorded songs with changed lyrics—“This Woman’s Work” included. She remains an influence today with everyone from Placebo to Pat Benatar attempting to cover her songs. Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound” was originally an attempt to recreate her hit “Running Up That Hill.”

I guess that means Greg Laswell finds himself in good company. About Greg Laswell. Ahem. He started out as the frontman for a band called Shillglen. At the 2000 San Diego Music Awards, the band was nominated for Best Alternative Album and Best Alternative Band, but otherwise received very little acknowledgement. In 2001, Shillglen disbanded at Laswell’s suggestion. Laswell went on to be an alternative rock superstar (Do they have those in alternative rock? Well now they do.) and has been recording music on his own ever since. A lot of his music gets put into TV shows—I would assume because his music is unassuming and kind of, well, sad. Laswell said that his latest album Take A Bow differs from his other music because he wasn’t miserable when he wrote it. Also, fun fact: He’s married to Ingrid Michaelson. So yeah. There’s that.

Now have a listen!

Kate Bush -This Woman’s Work

Greg Laswell -This Woman’s Work