New Music: Teen-Age Riot Records

The No Tomorrow Boys - Jimmy, Matt, and Danny

When Matt Miller went to Oberlin he was Music Director and Punk Director here at WOBC and played in so many rock ‘n’ roll bands that he was basically responsible for almost all the fun I had in Spring ’09. Now two of his bands’ 7-inch records have arrived to the WOBC punk vault! Both released on Teen-Age Riot, they are killer additions to our collection.

Based in Portland, Oregon, the No Tomorrow Boys remember why seventies punk rockers wanted to look like greasers. They have hairdos! They have matching leather jackets! And they’re punk as heck.

No Tomorrow Boys – (Do The) No Tomorrow Twist

No Tomorrow Boys – Neanderthal For Your Love

The Miniskirts and the Itchies were a couple of Matt’s Oberlin projects, and these tracks were recorded here in town. “That’s Cool, That’s Trash,” fronted by the Miniskirts, is one of my favorite songs of all time not just because of lines like “There ain’t gonna be no kissing on the dance floor (that’s trash!)/There ain’t gonna be any dancing on the kissing floor (that’s cool!),” but also because punk rock with lady vocalists that is especially for dancing rules. As a matter of fact, all of these songs are especially for dancing and we should all dance to them.

The Miniskirts – That’s Cool, That’s Trash

The Itchies – Shake It Down

Stay sick, turn blue,

-Stella Byrne

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