Songs to Have Mono To

This is what Mono really looks like.

One year ago, I slid into the soporific embrace of mononucleosis. Aside from the normal fatigue and malaise, I felt as if there was a damp towel muffling all of my senses. All of my time was spare time, and I spent it camped out on the couch playing videogames, sleeping, and listening to music.

Hopefully you never have to experience mono. It sucks. But if you’re curious, then have a listen to these s l o w d r e a m y s o  n   g    s

1. Grouper – I’m Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
All of Grouper’s songs seem to be sung with eyes half-closed, suspended in a tank of warm water. Maybe she always has mono. Or maybe she’s just sad.

2. Nosaj Thing – Us
This stuttery lullaby comes to us courtesy of LA’s Nosaj Thing. Fragile synths are supported by little clicks and twists as Mr. Thing carries the listener along, before carefully setting them down.

3. Low – Belarus
Slowcore stalwarts Low create an achingly beautiful track out of hushed vocals, minimal drums, and teasing strings that bring the song to a gentle crescendo.

4. Morphine – The Night
With their bass saxophone, baritone guitar and singer Mark Sandman’s deep vocal stylings, Morphine would’ve made the perfect backing band to my mono-induced naps.

5. Julianna Barwick – Envelop
Listening to Julianna Barwick is like sinking into a sonic Jacuzzi. Listening to Julianna Barwick is like being serenaded by a chorus of angelic whales.

6. Bear in Heaven – Dust Cloud
This hazy song from Brooklyn’s Bear in Heaven features guitar nauseatingly modulating guitar, crunchy bass, bells and keening synthesizer.

-Michael Stenovec