For this week, it’s more new blood for your ears. More odd stuff, different things, bizarre tunes, annoying but catchy hooks, riffs that overstay their welcome, cheesy production, and anything that makes you feel slimy all over after you listen to it (but in the best possible way.)

This week’s playlist for all your private devotions, private lives, and private times, is the best kind of early house/techno. I know, I know, you’ve been there AND come back, maybe not always for the better (those long evenings and cold showers in the morning…)

But sometimes, its okay to go back, and visit an old friend…

1. Bizarre Inc. – Love in Motion

2. Plastic Mode – Baja Imperial

3. Larabell – I Can’t Stop

4. Eon – Fear: The Mindkiller

5. Steve Silk Hurley – The World is Love

6. ClubHouse – Deep in My Heart

7. Nightmares on Wax – A Case of Funk

8. QUANDO QUANGO – Love in Tempo

9. Frankie Knuckles – You got the love

10. Stopp – I’m Hungry

11. Alden Tyrell – What Your Eyes Can Do

-Robben Muñoz


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