Transmitter Maintenance Complete: Listen at 91.5-FM &

This morning starting at 9am, WOBC’s terrestrial FM signal will cease broadcasting for two hours for scheduled maintenance. However, our programming will continue via our online stream. We ask that you help support this station and show some Oberlin pride by listening online: a great excuse to sign up & listen to WOBC online at

As you may have heard through our incessant internet chatter, excessive postering, and excited conversations around town, WOBC is in the midst of a fierce listenership competition at “a crowd-sourced, show-specific way to enjoy independent radio. All of the stations [on soundtap] are non-commercial (college or community) radio stations and all of the shows are added by users.” Soundtap is a really great site that allows you to listen to the best independent radio stations all in one place.

Soundtap is running an 18-day tournament that pits dedicated listeners against other dedicated listeners to see which of the “top sixty-four non-commercial radio stations in the world” can log the most hours of “air play” on the site. In the first round, WOBC held off WLUW of Loyola University in Chicago. We’re now up against WFMU, the longest running freeform station in the US, broadcasting from Jersey City, NJ (and repeated in New York). Thanks to all of you, we’re now holding on to a narrow lead. However, we have to last one more day against this freeform behemoth to move on to the next round.

Due to scheduled maintenance on our radio tower atop Wilder Hall this morning, we’ll be shutting off our FM signal briefly today. So turn off those radios, turn on your wifi gadgets, and sign-up & listen to WOBC at

– Will Floyd, Station Manager