The Mosaic’s Cover(s) of the Week

This section will normally be entitled “Cover of the Week” but because this is the first post, we’ve got a little catching up to do.

Angus and Julia Stone vs. DWNTWN

The song for this week was “Big Jet Plane,” originally recorded by Angus & Julia Stone and covered by DWNTWN. I have no idea how that’s supposed to be pronounced. Here’s a little bit of background on the two bands. You can find all this great info on the wonderful site entitled Wikipedia, but I’ll save you the trouble of a Google search. Angus and Julia are siblings. They have an older sister who apparently doesn’t contribute to their awesome indie band. They all grew up in Australia. Fun fact (that I find fun but you will probably find boring): They released the single “All The Boys” on the day I turned eighteen. DWNTWN, on the other hand, appears to be nonexistent in the internet world except a couple of reviews talking about how great they are. So yeah, they’re good. That’s really all you need to know about a band anyway. Now on to the cover!

So the original version of “Big Jet Plane” is pretty simplistic. What makes it so amazing is Angus’ voice—he’s a master of “The Croon”—and his harmonies with Julia are kind of ridiculous. Just sayin.

DWNTWN spins the song into a new kind of dance music that reminds me of a more relaxed Passion Pit. Rather than crooning (which would ruin the electronic vibe), the vocals are more of a whisper. I’d say DWNTWN was pretty successful in recreating the original, but you guys were unanimous in choosing Angus and Julia Stone as the creators of the superior version.

For this week: Gotye vs. Walk Off the Earth

It’s this new song I just found (I know. I’m so behind) called “Somebody I Used To Know” by Gotye. And the cover is done by this super cool band called Walk Off The Earth. They do the whole cover on one guitar. You should watch it. It’s crazy. Just a couple notes on this awesome video because I can’t stop myself.

– The guy on the far right is a boss.

– The guy in the middle seems unnecessarily angry. I’m not really sure what’s going on there.

Walk Off The Earth – Somebody That I Used to Know

Gotye feat. Kimbra- Somebody That I Used To Know

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-Heidi Marsh