Soundtap Madness 2012

All we do is win

Love WOBC? Love winning? Great. Read on.

Starting March 15th, Soundtap is launching a contest called Soundtap Madness. The contest pits the “top 64 non-commercial radio stations” across the country against each other in a quest for listener-ship, and sweet, sweet victory. In the first round WOBC is going up against WLUW, Loyola University in Chicago.

So here’s what to do:

1) Sign up for a Soundtap account ASAP. Its takes a grand total of about 2 minutes.

2) Listen to WOBC through Soundtap everyday starting March 15th.

3) WIN!

Each user can register up to 90 minutes of listening time each day, so encourage your friends, family, acquaintances, enemies and pets to sign up and listen too.