Tom Green Interviewed on WOBC

Actor and comedian Tom Green called in an interview on WOBC this Friday 12/2 at 11:30am.

“You know Tom Green from his anything-goes run as the funniest, most unpredictable personality on MTV, and his unforgettable, deliciously loony roles in uproarious film comedies including ‘Road Trip’ and ‘Freddy Got Fingered.’ He’s graced the cover of Rolling Stone, commandeered the coveted guest-host chair on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ and conquered the World Wide Web with his free-wheeling, wildly popular internet talk show, ‘Tom Green’s House Tonight.’ Now, Tom brings his unique brand of hilarity to the art of stand-up comedy…”

Tom Green will be headlining at Hilarities Comedy Theater in Cleveland December 1-3 as part of his world stand-up tour.

Listen to the interview, conducted by WOBC DJs Curtis Cook and Shalena Wallace, here:

Tom Green Interview 12/2/11