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Bluegrass Special with Bluegrass Erwin

Bluegrass Erwin
Bluegrass Erwin in the WOBC On-Air Studio - November 30, 2011

Tune in every Wednesday from 2-5PM for Bluegrass Special with Bluegrass Erwin, longtime radio personality and WOBC DJ. Featuring the “best bluegrass in the State of Ohio,” Bluegrass Special has been a fixture of WOBC’s programming since 2001. It was then that Erwin took over for a fellow bluegrass expert, longtime DJ Freeman Morgan who had hosted Bluegrass Express on WOBC since 1982. Since then Bluegrass Erwin has filled Lorain County’s airwaves with bluegrass every week, rain or shine.

I visited Bluegrass one Wednesday afternoon during his show. I found him perched in the on-air studio sorting through his collection of CDs for the next song he would play. I was there to take a picture for this post and to ask him a few questions. But there is hardly a spare moment with Bluegrass at the controls and the request line ringing. After snapping the Polaroid above, I asked him if he ever plays folk music on the show. He replied with a grin, “yeah, sometimes–but not that often.” Then he put on a bluegrass version of the country song “Honey Won’t You Open That Door” by Ricky Skaggs. “You can tell ’em I play country too,” he joked.

Bluegrass Special has been surreptitiously re-broadcast in states other than Ohio by radio DJs who just couldn’t match Erwin’s selection and passion for the music. According to Bluegrass, his show has been heard on college stations in Nebraska, Texas, and California.

Listen below to the beginning of an episode of Bluegrass Special originally broadcast on October 19th. -Will Floyd

Bluegrass Special, October 19, 2011 – 1:10:42