atlas sound - parallax

Fresh on the Shelf: Atlas Sound – Parallax

Once or twice a week, a member of pop workgroup will review an album that was recently selected to be put in WOBC’s vault. Today, Michael Stenovac writes about Atlas Sound’s Parallax.

atlas sound - parallax

I’m often wary of exploring solo projects from my favorite bands because they tend to be quite masturbatory. Thankfully, Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox’s band Atlas Sound does not fit into this category. Perhaps it’s his nature as a tenuous romantic that prevents him from falling into the trap of self-indulgence – at times, Cox seems too self-conscious to strut. But if Bradford ever feels the need to brag, he certainly could:  he possesses an incredible talent for fashioning misery into gorgeous and twisted 60s-influenced pop. Every reverb-soaked moment is immaculately constructed and his stream-of-consciousness lyrics are both unnerving and touching. While Cox is guilty of liberally borrowing sounds from his previous works alone and with Deerhunter, Parallax is so damn well-done that it doesn’t even matter.

Atlas Sound – Terra Incognita

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