Halloween Tiger with Pumpkin

Spoooooky Pop Picks!

Halloween Tiger with Pumpkin
Halloween Tiger with Pumpkin

It’s almost Halloween, so that means you need a tight playlist to bang at your Halloween party! But what to play? Don’t worry, pop group’s got you covered:

1. Any song backwards: Ever listened The White Album backwards? Stairway to Heaven? These have nothing on Pink Floyd in reverse. If you have not heard Brain Damage or In the Flesh the wrong way round, you have not heard scary music. Actually, just listen to anything in reverse, it’s all pretty whack.

2. Papillon by the Editors is pretty scary sounding. Don’t listen to it when you’re alone!–

3. Boris, the Spider by The Who: When I was little, my dad always used to play “Boris, the Spider” by the Who in the car, and I thought it was the most EXTREME song ever. Plus, what’s more Halloween-y than spiders?

4. Kissability by Sonic Youth: Despite its name, Kissability is perfect for Halloween. And what’s more dead than Thurston and Kim right now? (RIP)

5. Dreams Made Flesh by This Mortal Coil: This Mortal Coil is like the evil Cocteau Twin. Elisabeth Fraiser gets really freaky, and the echoes surrounding her seem to dissolve into whirling clouds that suck up the entire song. All that’s left is darkness.

6. The Doldrums by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: When you weren’t invited to egg cars with the cool kids, pump this one by yourself. Pouting, Ariel self-deprecates and falls into the deepest void there is — his mind.

7. Christine by Siouxsie and the Banshees: Get your groove on with the cute skeleton at your party to this goth-wave romp about a shape-shifting mistress.

-Aria Dean, Peter Fogg, Kailia Holt, Heidi Marsh, and Alison Kozol