New Freeform Shelf MVPs: César Bolaños, Bee Mask, Borden/Ferraro/Godin/Halo/Lopatin

César Bolaños (b. 1931)Peruvian composer of experimental instrumental and electroacoustic music. This track, “Intensidad y Altura,“is a tape piece from 1964, voices surfacing and swirling, ghostly presences, funky grains.

“Intensidad y Altura,” Cesar Bolanos


Bee Mask– He played in Oberlin a few weeks ago. “How to Live in a Smashed State,” from the album Elegy for Beach Friday, has gongs and electronics.

“How To Live In A Smashed State,” Bee Mask


Borden/Ferraro/Godin/Halo/LopatinFive people playing synthesizers. Few surprises here, a typically spacey and deftly executed new-age jam. Ferraro’s been here the past two years, Laurel Halo was here a few weeks ago, Dan Lopatin is here tonight as Oneohtrix Point Never.

“People Of The Wind Pt. 2,” Borden/Ferraro/Halo/Godin/Lopatin