Feist - Metals

Life After “1234” Feist’s Tale

Feist - Metals

It’s September 2007. The commercial for the new iPod nano is playing on the television (or your computer screen). Yeah, the new iPod is great, but what is that addictive song in the background?! That is the question that most people had, and soon “1234” by Feist had a cult following. Elmo was even singing a version with Leslie Feist on Sesame Street. Feist was everywhere.

Then most people forgot about her due to her self-imposed exile from the music industry.  She told Canadian Press in 2008 “I just need to rest for a minute.” She went back to her roots and played a few shows with Broken Social Scene, but for the better part of the past four years she was out of the public eye.

Feist was suddenly a conversation topic again when British artist James Blake released a cover version of her 2007 song “The Limit to Your Love” in late 2010. After months of quiet rumors of a new album, Feist released her fourth album Metals earlier this month. The differences between Metals and The Reminder are clear. Instead of a shadowed image of Feist with rainbow lasers coming out of her neck on the cover, we just have the letter “f” made of branches,with a tiny image of Feist on one of these branches. None of the twelve tracks on the studio album have a catchy “1234” hook. The songs are more subdued and focused on mood. They have intense instrumentals and chorus parts, especially on the ninth track, “Undiscovered First”. Dedicated Feist fans will have this album on repeat, but it is unlikely that the casual listener of “1234” will appreciate Metals. In fact, the casual listener probably dismissed Feist as a one-hit wonder years ago and has not thought about her since that iPod nano commercial in 2007.

-Anais Stewart