SPOTLIGHT ON: hostage crisis

Another semester of great programming begins at WOBC, wednesday 9/14 at 6pm!

dj simon jesse toop reading a goosebumps novel

Kicking off the semester is DJ Simon Toop’s HOSTAGE CRISIS, a shhhhtshow of weirdo-punk jams that starts off punk nite rite….

1.  How would you describe yourself? i’m a junior creative writing major. likes and influences: napping, i just woke up. space. satan. bbq. sports. scott walker. taco bell. rush hour. kfc. wing night. the mall. jean-paul belmondo. the beach. 40s. and those big cans of arizona iced tea

2.  How would you describe the show? 
some songs by weirdos and jerks to stress you out. some songs to help you stay mellow in these mellow times. some classic tunes. one unforgettable hour.

3.  What inspires you to do your show?,, tonetta

4.  What are you listening to right now?  just finished listening to jon hassell & brian eno, fourth world vol. 1: possible musics pre-nap.

5. Favorite foods? see above

6. Favorite holidays? christmas ’98. halloween ’05. new year’s eve ’10.

7. Sample show? listen and find out dudes!


wednesday 9/14 at 6pm