TOP 5 ADDS 8/3

top 5 adds is a weekly section of WOBC that displays the top 5 most played new albums at the station. each album links to the band’s myspace,, or other music player so you can check them out for yourself!

1    THE BANDANA SPLITS    Mr. Sam Presents The Bandana Splits

saccharine doo-wop from three cute girls; sounds like a mix of camera obscura and she & him. check out: ‘sometimes’, ‘my love’, and ‘you don’t have to be a baby to cry’.

2    FALL ON YOUR SWORD    Another Earth: Music From the Motion Picture

3    RADIATION CITY    The Color of Industry (Single)

understated indie pop with vocals that sound like a sleepy feist, and harmonies straight out of bitte orca.

4    HUDSON MOHAWKE    Satin Panthers    Warp

5    ARMY NAVY    The Last Place    Self-Released

-devra freelander