TOP 5 ADDS 7/5

Pure X – Pleasure

Top 5 Adds is a weekly section of the WOBC Blog that displays the Top 5 most played new albums at the station. Each album links to the band’s myspace,, or other music player so you can check them out for yourself!

1. Pure X – Pleasure // Austin, Texas’ Pure X–though you may remember them as Pure Ecstasyfinally released their debut full-length album: the aptly named Pleasure. Regardless of their slight name change, these dudes are still making the same signature dreamy garage pop, washed out in reverberating fuzz. Check out ‘Easy’ or ‘Dream Over’ if you’re sitting on a porch and just want to exist.

2. Memory Tapes – Player Piano // The biggest difference between Player Piano and 2009’s hit Seek Magic is the prominence of Dayve Hawk’s voice; while  previously obscured behind echoed filters and glistening chillwave (back when we were still excited about it), on Player Piano you can actually… hear it. Whether or not this is a positive thing remains to be determined.

3. Com Truise – Galactic Melt // Deep, retro synthesizer vibes.

4. Bon Iver – Bon Iver // It got a 9.5 on pitchfork!! Isn’t that exciting??

5. Selebrities – Delusions // New-New Wave.

-devra freelander