Moonface - Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped

TOP 30 7/19

top 30 is a weekly section of the blog where we share the  30 artists/albums that received the most play on WOBC this week. click on any entry to visit the myspace,, bandcamp, or website of that artist.

1    MOONFACE Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped
2    WASHED OUT Within And Without
3    PURE X Pleasure
4    BRILLIANT COLORS Again and Again

really excited about these guys from san francisco. this is their second release out on slumberland, and it sounds like a mix of best coast  and new order, but on sleeping pills.

5    TORO Y MOI Saturday Love [Single]
6    REAL ESTATE It’s Real [Single]

yeah!!!! this sunny, viscous single from real estate fits right in on any muggy summer afternoon. isn’t it so nice when a band from your hometown is actually good??

7    BON IVER Bon Iver
8    MEMORY TAPES Player Piano
9    BEACH FOSSILS What A Pleasure [EP]
10  WOODS Sun And Shade
11  PICTUREPLANE Thee Physical

playing a show at the grog shop’s b-side liquor lounge on july 27, with oberlin cuties teengirl fantasy. want tickets? hit us up!!

12  JULIANNA BARWICK The Magic Place
13  HANDSOME FURS Sound Kapital
14  DESTROYER Kaputt
15  SAN CISCO Golden Revolver
16  GROUPER AIA: Dream Loss/Alien Observer
17  SELEBRITIES Delusions
18  ICEAGE New Brigade
19  BATTLES Gloss Drop
20  CULTS Cults
23  COM TRUISE Galactic Melt
24  CHAD VALLEY Equatorial Ultravox
25  BLACK LIPS Arabia Mountain
26  BJORK “Crystalline” [Single]
27 SONIC YOUTH The Eternal
28  NEIL YOUNG A Treasure
29  BILL CALLAHAN Apocalypse
30 GIVERS In Light

and be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming review of last sunday’s moonface show at the grog shop!! spoiler alert: it was really good.

-devra freelander