Rapoon | Promute | Stag Hare | 4/28 | Fairchild Chapel | Free

Concert Board presents Rapoon, Promute, and Stag Hare:
Robin Storey was born in 1955 in Cumbria, England. While studying fine arts at Sunderland University, he began pursuing a long-held interest in sound manipulation by taking classes in electronic and experimental composition, additionally joining with friends to perform the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen (a key influence, as were the Krautrock bands of the early 1970s). In 1979 Storey formed the pioneering industrial group :zoviet*france:, remaining a member until 1992: The same year Storey issued the first Rapoon album, Dream Circle, its entrancing fusion of Indian ragas, African rhythms and experimental textures anticipating the evocative soundscapes of the many releases to follow. Also a noted visual artist and animator, Storey’s work has been exhibited throughout the world and is in the collections of many major galleries.
Shaun Sandor of Carrboro, North Carolina is playing this tour with a homemade zither and analog modulation.
Stag HareStag Hare:
stag hare’s music is descriptions and creations of worlds.
it’s music for people and environments.
it’s stories and landscapes.
each movement is telling a story.
it’s a safe place. somewhere to go to. it’s an elf coat. protection spells.

stag hare’s live music is a kind of ceremony. a gathering of people in an environment surrounded by imagery and energies that promote honesty and openness with one’s self and others and their surrounding