Preview: Lil B – I'm Gay


It’s sometimes absurd to consider Lil B, a.k.a Based God, a.k.a. Brandon McCartney. Few rappers have a fanbase even half of Lil B’s, fewer have the ability to pump out the ludicrous number of songs as Lil B has and even fewer, if any, have the nerve to call their album I’m Gay — especially if the rapper in question does not identify as gay.

Lil B’s 2011 album, I’m Gay, defies the rules of hip hop just as much as the rapper does. Straight out of San Fransisco’s hyphy scene, Lil B emerged at age 16 to huge notoriety with skate-rappers The Pack. Now, at Lil-B23, Lil B has forged a massive solo career with over 1800 tracks on countless Myspace pages, most of which can be found on Lil B’s website, Every song, whether it be one of his biggest hits like “Wonton Soup” riddled with catchy hooks and quotable lyrics, or a disaster like “BasedGod, What Are You Doing?” with a Linkin Park sample and barely any flow, is comprised with a similar formula. Almost every Lil B song has multiple celebrity references (from Charlie Sheen to Jessica Simpson to J.K. Rowling) and a reference to the BasedGod himself; also, most songs start with an ubiquitous “oh my God!”. More notable is Lil B’s signature enthusiasm present on every track he’s ever released: it’s no wonder why he’s attracted such a large, diverse group of fans.

Lil B’s fanbase is currently rearranging in new ways directly following the announcement of the title of the new album: while the rapper has reported to have received death threats, others instantly gained respect for him. Lil B believes that this move will perpetuate equal rights in hip hop’s all too homophobic climate. Speaking with MTV News earlier this week, Lil B says:

“In a hundred years, people gonna thank me because people gonna be free…I spoke up and I did it, and I don’t regret it…I’ma keep pushin’ for the human rights, and for people to be happy…and I’m not gonna stop.”


Lil B will be in Cincinatti at Bogart’s this Thursday, April 28th. Tickets will be given away Tuesday, April 26 from 11:00-12:00pm on Ryan Jenning’s “Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow” and 4:00-5:00 pm on Jack Patterson’s “Drift Studies”.

-Alison Kozol