Pink Reason

PINK REASON at The Sco on April 30th

A FREE show with opener Circuit Des Yeux. 10 PM.

Pink Reason

“It’s been nearly four years since Cleaning the Mirror came out, and in that time Kevin Failure’s production has been slow but steady, a half-dozen singles and EPs, each of them a concise statement, each of them different from the last. Put those postcard missives together and you can chart an atlas of depression, of a guy’s struggles with a darkness that threatens to swallow him up every… day. Or you can map Failure’s travels around the globe, from Wisconsin and Ohio, through Melbourne and Santiago de Chile, and finally to New York City, places where Failure has been both catalyst and receptor to a global scene’s underground energies. The evidence of those four years, and then some, are inscribed in the six songs of Shit in the Garden, the new Pink Reason LP and Failure’s best work to date.

Unlike the myriad bands dumping product into a ceaseless internet datastream, Pink Reason demands and repays scrutiny. Try and dissect it like an owl pellet and you’ll give up in frustration: it won’t disintegrate into a million parts, into a vomitous bundle of “influences,” effects, and references. It holds together, it resists description, analysis, generic classification. It writhes away and gives you the slip, only to blossom in your memory when you least expect it. Listen to these six songs and you’ll hear weeks, months, even years of labor and experience compressed into five- and six-minute songs. Great songs, songs that reveal themselves to you little by little and then close up again, songs that will probably stay with you for the rest of your life. Pink Reason rewards that attention and dedication because Failure doesn’t repeat himself, and because, like all the best punk records, each release feels like a hard-earned victory over indifference, depression, and self-destructive rage.

Now that the dust is settling and the commercial concerns of a thousand “lo-fi” projects have vacated the underground for a better life in the dorm rooms of America, the influence of Cleaning the Mirror on the past half-decade is clear. Failure is still here, using the cheapest technology imaginable to create rich, enveloping psychological environments, to give voice to a restless inner life, his music blooming like sunflowers amid the debris.”

Sixteen Years by pinkreason