Oberlin Conservatory Jazz Forum

Live at Jazz Forum: N2J and Chase Jackson Ensemble

Oberlin Conservatory Jazz Forum

Every Friday at 12:15 pm, the Oberlin jazz community gathers for Jazz Forum at the Cat in the Cream, where audience members are treated to short sets from 2 or 3 of Oberlin’s small jazz ensembles.

This week, Freshman Pianist Jake Silverman displayed his skills on the Hammond B3 Organ with his group N2J. The band utilized their impressive range of style by fusing the swing tradition with the soul-grooves of modern gospel and R&B, not to mention a dose of casual humor to lighten the mood.

N2J @ Jazz Forum 3_4_11

  • Jake Silverman – Organ
  • Will Darity – Guitar
  • David Wise – Tenor Saxophone
  • Mike King – Drums
  1. “Make Me A Pallet” – Traditional
  2. “Boxhill Square” – Jake Silverman

N2j were followed by vibraphonist Chase Jackson and his five-piece ensemble, who played a fantastic set of both original and standard compositions that strayed toward the more angular, cerebral branch of jazz.

Chase Jackson Ensemble @ Jazz Forum 3_4_11

  • Chase Jackson – Vibraphone
  • Alex Cummings – Alto Saxophone
  • Ian Mccardle – Piano
  • Brandon Gaoiran – Bass
  • Zaire Darden – Drums
  1. “Winter Term 23” – Chase Jackson
  2. “Juju” – Wayne Shorter
  3. “Epistrophy” – Thelonious Monk (arr. Chase Jackson)

-Adam Hirsch