Top 5 Adds: 2/28/11 – 3/1/11

Dum Dum Girls - He Gets Me High
Dum Dum Girls: He Gets Me High

Top 5 Adds is a weekly section of the WOBC Blog that displays the Top 5 most played new albums at the station. Each album links to the band’s myspace,, or other music player so you can check them out for yourself!

1. Dum Dum Girls – He Gets Me High EP – I’d been waiting for this record for a while … those of you who saw them play with Girls in Oberlin can attest that this band is the real deal. The layer of fuzz on the DDG’s earlier releases is gone, but the clarity of this album showcases just how talented this band is. Includes a cover of The Smiths’ “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” that’s pretty faithful to the original.

2. Jad Fair – Beautiful Music: The Best of Jad Fair – This album was my introduction to Fair’s music. Never knew how much I had missed. This album is a three-disc set that runs about a hundred songs (and some change). Idiosyncratic without being cutesy, pop-y without being saccharine. Though a hundred songs is a bit much for a best-of comp, odds are you’ll find something in this bunch to grab onto.

3. Colleen Green – Green One – Solid record, but the track “Dance The Night Away” stands head and shoulders above the rest.

4. And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – Tao of the Dead

5. The Babies – The Babies – Shambolic jangle-pop in the vein of The Bitters, The Mantles, and even chart-mate Jad Fair.

(Matt Orenstein)