Air Waves - Dungeon Dots

Top 5 Adds: 2/21/11

Air Waves - Dungeon Dots

Welcome to the first installment of “Top 5 Adds!” A big part of the Music Director’s job here at WOBC is reporting to CMJ what we’re playing, and a big part of the reporting is the Adds Chart. More so than the Top 200 Chart, this one highlights new records that we’ve added to the station this week. This chart is a really good place for up-and-coming bands (or bands that have already been established) to get their due. I’ll be posting the adds every week as long as I’m the MD here (for the rest of the semester). I’ll be coming at you weekly with these, and I’ll do the same with the general top 30 chart. So, without further ado, THE ADDS:

1. Radiohead – The King of Limbs. Real shocker here. Biggest band in the world gets the number one slot on this chart. Since its Friday release, this album has had 20 plays on WOBC. This is tops for the Top 200 Chart as well. If you prefer Radiohead’s Headphone Records (Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Theif) to ones that sound more like people with electric guitars (The Bends, OK Computer), you’ll love this one.

2. Toro y Moi – Underneath the Pine.

3. Air Waves – Dungeon Dots. (Album cover pictured above). This band came to Oberlin three semesters ago and crashed on my floor. They’re all great (underwater) people. They’ve re-recorded a lot of stuff from earlier releases for this album, so it sounds cleaner than their first EP. Another strong showing of sparsely produced indie-pop from the Underwater Peoples community.

4. Shad – TSOL (Bonus Version). I always freak out a little bit when I see Shad’s name in my inbox, because I always misread it as “Shaq.” But I’m glad it’s indeed Shad. This record is just an EP, but it’s characteristically strong. RIYL: K-OS, Dam Funk, Dilla, Ant, etc.

5. Salva – Complex Housing.

(Matt Orenstein)