Tim Bennet Oberlin Jazz

Live at Jazz Forum: Tim Bennett Ensemble and Peter Manheim Ensemble

Tim Bennet - Oberlin Jazz at Hales by Sam Lawrence
Image courtesy of Sam Lawrence

Every Friday at 12:15 pm, the Oberlin jazz community gathers for Jazz Forum at the Cat in the Cream, where audience members are treated to short sets from 2 or 3 of Oberlin’s small jazz ensembles. At the second forum of the semester, Jazz Studies upperclassmen Tim Bennet and Peter Manheim each led his own quartet in a fine display of musicianship and improvisation. -Adam Hirsch

Tim Bennet Ensemble @ Jazz Forum 2_25_11

1. “Rise” (Tim Bennett)
2. “Neon” (Ethan Iverson)
3. “Untitled” – (Tim Bennett)

Peter Manheim Ensemble @ Jazz Forum 2_25_11

1. “Lotus Blossom” (Kenny Dorham)
2. “Untitled” – (Will Miller)