Ben Sharp of Cloudkicker – Live Interview Sunday December 5th at 11am

Live Radio Interview Sunday December 5th at 11am with Ben Sharp, the man behind the music of Cloudkicker

Cloudkicker, the solo project of Ben Sharp, features complex compositional styles blending into vast emotional soundscapes along the lines of progressive post rock/shoegaze/metal. Cloudkicker stretches the limits of modern musical production and distribution. Continually posting all his music on the internet for free, Cloudkicker represents one man’s true artistic expression. With three EPs and two full-length albums including the recently released album Beacons, Cloudkicker is rapidly gaining the recognition it deserves.

Cloudkicker is the most epic, creative, and mind-blowing music I have listened to in a long time and is definitely worth a listen. All the music made by Cloudkicker can be downloaded for free at Check out the music and tune in on December 5th at 11am to hear Ben Sharp speak about his music!

-noah jones

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