F 1-2pm


F 1-2pm

Fridays 1-2pm, Eilis O’Neill, with producers Jake Purcell and Joanna Johnson, develops an international news show analyzing various world events to attempt to broaden Oberlin students’ understanding of these events. They get 2-3 guests on-air per show, so the show is ridiculously awesome (and intellectually stimulating!). Show of the week status granted.

1.  How would you describe yourself?

I’m a senior from Seattle.  I like producing radio, moving (between cities), reading, and running.

2.  How would you describe the show?

In Context is an international news analysis show.

3.  What inspires you to do your show?

I think that the international news coverage in most U.S. news outlets is pretty slim, so I try to talk to people who can help my listeners and me understand the complexity of the world’s events

4.  What are you listening to right now?

I just finished listening to some interviews I did yesterday for a NewsCorps piece about the regional cross country meet.

5. Favorite foods?

I am awfully fond of smoked salmon.

6. Favorite holidays?

My favorite holiday is Christmas, because it is the only time of year when my siblings and parents and I are all in one place.

7. Sample show?

This week, we are discussing the current political crisis in Italy for half the show and the issue of detainee rights (in Guantanamo and other U.S. detention centers around the world) for the second half.

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