SHOW OF THE WEEK: I Walked On Your Face

W 2-3am with Ari Orenstein
W 2-3am with Ari Orenstein

Wednesdays 2-3am, Ari Orenstein plays energy-boosting music ranging from the trashy to oldies to pure awesomeness– making you feel like you’ve walked on the moon. (Get it?) Show of the week status granted.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m an Orenstein, which means my pinkies are abnormally long, my forehead is tilted back slightly, and I am chronically spacey.

2. How would you describe the show?
It’s pretty silly. I mean, how serious are songs about the moon, anyway?

3. What inspires you to do your show?
The moon.

4. What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
The gurgling of my radiator and the beeping of a truck backing up. And also Blue, by good ol’ Joni Mitchell.

5. What is your favorite show on WOBC?
It’s a toss-up between Gathering Hope House Radio and Sexxx Luthor’s Grab Bag.

6. Favorite foods?
Bacon, mozzerella cheese, dark chocolate with espresso, and strawberries are all delicious (but probably not when they’re mixed together, if I had to guess).

7. Favorite holidays?
My favorite official holiday is probably the fourth of July–I love fireworks. But I also love celebrating unbirthdays; they’re totally underrated.

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